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Multifunctional Masterbatches

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Polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer (TPU) is generally a linear polymer material polymerized by long-chain Polyols (polyether or polyester) with an average relative molecular weight of 600 ~ 4000, chain extenders with a relative molecular weight of 61 ~ 400 and polyisocyanates. The long-chain Polyols (polyether or polyester) in the main chain of TPU macromolecules form a soft segment, which mainly controls its low-temperature performance, solvent resistance and weather resistance, while chain extenders and polyisocyanates form a hard segment. Because the ratio of hard and soft segments can be adjusted in a large range, the obtained thermoplastic polyurethane can be soft elastomer, brittle high modulus plastic, film and fiber. It is the only kind that can be achieved in TPE.

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