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Thermoplastic dynamic vulcanized rubber the thermoplastic elastomer obtained by dynamic vulcanization is called thermoplastic vulcanized rubber (TPV). TPV is a special type of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Different from the elastic block copolymer, TPV is produced by the synergistic action of elastomer thermoplastic polymer blend, which has better properties than simple blend. The key technology of preparing thermoplastic vulcanized rubber is dynamic vulcanization technology. One of the progress of this technology is to use the existing low-cost processing methods to prepare new products by blending the existing polymers. Compared with the traditional process of producing new materials with high capital investment intensity, this process can also meet the environmental protection requirements of large polymerization units. Other advantages of TPV technology over block copolymers as a source of thermoplastic elastomers are high upper limit service temperature, resistance to hydrocarbon media and small compression set.

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