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Single screw extrusion underwater pelletizing unit


Underwater pelletizer system is a polymer granulation into granules processing machinery, more than one underwater pelletizer to form a group of underwater pelletizer, also known as underwater pelletizer line, because the plastic is in the molten state by the blade scraping down, after the circulation of water cooling solidification, different viscosity of polymers can be used in this form of granulation, the molten state of granulation will not form any dust, and granulation shape is regular, packaging, transportation are more convenient; 3, the pelletizing process to achieve automation, easy operation, low noise, greatly reducing the floor space The pelletizing process is automated, easy to operate, low noise and good quality. 4. The size and shape of the pellet can also be changed manually by using the knife holder with different number of blades; 5.In the production of polymers, the underwater pelletizing unit is now a new form of pelletizing and is the solution to the inability to complete pelletizing with drawbars, water rings, etc. The Kruger UW range of underwater pelletizing systems is not only suitable for thermoplastics, but for all polymers with thermoplastic properties.

Thermoplastic elastomers: TPU, TPR, TPV, TPE, TPEE, POE, SBS, SEBS, etc.

Hot melt adhesives: PES, PA, EVA, etc.

Natural resins: chewing gum, etc.

Synthetic resins: epoxy resins, etc.

Polymer particles: LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, EPDM

Vinyl oxides: PVC-P, etc.

Styrene polymers: PS, ABS, SAN

Acrylic resins: PMMA

Polyformaldehyde: POM

Polycarbonate: PC, PET, PBT, PEN, etc.

Polyamides: PA6, PA66, PA1012, PA1010, PET, PBT

Underwater pelletizing systems are mainly used for the blending and pelletizing of the following materials.

1. Filling modification: PE, EVA, etc. + calcium carbonate, talc, titanium dioxide carbon black, etc.

2. Cable materials: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, MDPE sheathing materials, insulation materials, radiation cross-linking materials, optical cable covering materials, heat-shrinkable tube materials, etc.

3. Elastomer, hot melt adhesive: TPR, TPV, TPU, TPE and other thermoplastic elastomer, EVA and hot melt adhesive

4. PPR pipe material, PE cross-linked pipe material

5. PE, ABS, PS, EVA and other colour masterbatches

6,.ABS, EVA and other flame retardant masterbatches

7. PE, PP, PS and other filled degradation masterbatches




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